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Alleged 2015 Ford Edge Photo Leaked


A photo of the alleged 2015 Ford Edge was recently revealed and this event became a favorite topic among car experts and even among car buyers. In addition to this, the leaked image has also encouraged a lot of car experts to express their opinions regarding the possible characteristics of the upcoming version of the […]

What the 2013 Ford Edge Could Offer


The 2013 Ford Edge is expected to become one of the top choices among mid-size crossover SUV buyers out there. This is because the vehicle has retained its well-rounded nature as well as some of the impressive features that were previously offered by its predecessor plus some of the new ones. For 2013, the Ford […]

Ford Edge 2012: Recalled Due to Possible Fire Risk


Ford is facing another recall issue and this currently involves one of the company’s popular SUV which is the 2012 Ford Edge. Based on the information obtained from the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) the recall will cover a total of 5,499 units of the 2012 Ford Edge that were either sold or currently sitting […]

Ford Edge Included on Consumer Reports' "To Avoid List"


The Consumer Reports has recently released its list of five car models that buyers should try avoid. Based on the information provided by Consumer Reports, the 2012 Ford Edge was included in the list since most of the magazine’s personnel have seen a lot of downsides on the vehicle and most of these have made […]

2012 Ford Edge Gets an Additional $995 Premium


Ford Motor Company has recently released the pricing information of the 2012 Ford Edge lineup. The figures included on the list revealed that the EcoBoost version of the Edge will be sold at a price which is $995 higher than its V-6-powered siblings. Based on the pricing information provided by the company, the FWD version […]

2012 Ford Edge with EcoBoost

Ford Edge 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 Engine

Ford Motor Company continues to take its commitment to provide its growing number of customer with more fuel-efficient vehicle models to the next level. Due to this policy, the company has started using one of its cutting-edge technologies which is the EcoBoost engine to some of its vehicle models such as the 2012 Ford Edge. […]

2012 Ford Edge Limited

2012 Ford Edge Limited

The 2012 Ford Edge Limited is one of the most in demand trim level of the Edge line-up for this year. This is because the Limited trim is loaded with a lot of exciting features that are not usually found on other SUV models in its class. In addition to this, the 2012 Ford Edge […]

2012 Ford Edge SE

2012 Ford Edge SE

The 2012 Ford Edge is currently considered as one of the most in demand SUV models for this year. This is because the Edge offers a lot of features that are not readily found on other SUVs in its class. In fact, the 2012 Ford Edge SE which is usually viewed as the base and […]

2012 Ford Edge SEL


Ford Motor Company is popular for its production of high quality vehicles and SUVs. This is because the company is investing a lot of time, efforts, and resources in order to make sure that the vehicles they release into the market are dependable. As of the present, Ford’s SUV line has been providing the company […]

2012 Ford Edge Sport

2012 Ford Edge Sport

One of the most prominent versions of the Ford Edge line-up for this year is the 2012 Ford Edge Sport. This SUV offers the basic features provided by the conventional Ford Edge plus a few other characteristics exclusively found on the Ford Edge Sport. Compared to its other siblings, the 2012 Ford Edge Sport offers […] is not affiliated with Ford Motor Company